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Cosco Corp forms bearish “Symmetrical Continuation Triangle” chart pattern

A “Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)” chart pattern formed on Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Ltd (Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited). This bearish signal indicates that the price may fall from the close of 1.32 to the range of 1.00 - 1.06. The pattern formed over 22 days which is roughly the period of time in which the target price range may be achieved. Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Ltd has a current support price of $1.07 and a resistance level of $1.34.

A Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish) is considered a bearish signal, indicating that the current downtrend may continue. Prices form a converging pattern as they reach lower highs and higher lows. The technical event occurs when the price breaks out of the triangle formation to close below the lower (ascending) trendline, thereby confirming the pattern.

This bearish pattern can be seen on the following chart and was recognized by Recognia Inc.’s patent pending pattern recognition technology.

Potential candidates for dual listing and privatization - Deutsch Bank

2009 proved to be a record year for S-Chips’ dual listing and privatization. The two themes could carry on into 2010 based on early indications from recent successful listings and privatizations. Amongst the S-Chips, China Hongxing, Cosco, Midas, People's Food, Raffles Education and Yangzijiang meet the listing criteria in HK and could be candidates for dual listing. Potential candidates for privatization based on the screen are China Hongxing, China Sports, China Zaino and Synear.


China: Why Are Markets so Worried? - UBS

China’s GDP grew by 8.7% in 2009 and 10.7% (y/y) in the fourth quarter, somewhat stronger than expected. The good growth and the visible rebound in December CPI (1.9% y/y) have made the market more worried about further policy tightening. Media reports about a lending freeze and an imminent interest rate hike spooked the market.