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ThinkEnv looking at raising funds

Bid to make gold mining core business as profit falls 67%

What Property Bubble? Hong Kong Tycoons Buy Shares

Despite concerns over a property bubble in Hong Kong and government efforts to cool the red-hot sector, two Hong Kong tycoons: Cheung Kong Holding’s Li Ka-Shing and Henderson Land’s Lee Shau kee have been snapping up shares in their own firms.

Zhongmin Baihui - real or false demand?

Yet there is one S-chip which stands out, not just because of its jaw-dropping performance this year - which makes it by far the local stock market’s best performer - but also because its stock price appreciation defies logical explanation.

Cosco recovers after clarifying

Shares of Cosco Corporation (S) staged a recovery yesterday after it steered clear of a China audit report on financial irregularities at its Chinese parent company.

Companies Act primed for a major facelift

Shareholders may be able to sue errant directors; norms may ease for small companies

Does SGX really need circuit breakers?

After resisting the idea of having circuit breakers for years, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) has now indicated that it will soon introduce these artificial stops for trading in times of high volatility. The exchange’s decision is likely based on the pervasiveness of high-frequency trading (HFT) in everyday market life and the rising public concern (and belief) that HFT could cause, or at least contribute greatly towards, a market crash. Having circuit breakers, it is believed, would afford some protection for small investors.

Cosco (S) tanks as China audit flags parent’s breach

But Singapore subsidiary says it was not cited in the China report

End of QE2 should be a non-event for investors

Equity markets have held up pretty well in recent weeks in the face of some weaker economic data and we do not believe there is significant downside risk in the markets. Valuations remain attractive, with stocks trading at price-to-earnings ratios of around 14 times, compared with 2011 earnings estimates, and less than 13 times, compared with 2012 estimates. With corporate earnings continuing to grow, BlackRock believes these ratios help make stocks an attractive long-term investment when compared with bonds or cash. We would caution, however, that, given the current economic rough patch, stocks are likely to endure some additional sideways action for now.

HKEx mulls disciplinary action on Goldman Sachs

Exchange to decide if bank should be penalised over its refusal to pay out in full for mispriced warrants

Cosco Corp

Closed at the 2 years uptrend support line.

Vital to make retail broking more appealing

With commissions constantly under pressure, dealers and remisiers are probably not overstating things when they say theirs is a sunset profession, one whose attraction wanes with each turn of the regulatory screw.

Big boys squeeze out boutique hedge funds

Several local names sent packing as size and scale matter more, post-crisis

TTEC answers SGX queries on output targets, feasibility studies

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has queried The Think Environmental Company (TTEC) on two of its latest gold-mining investments, asking how some of the production targets were derived given that feasibility studies on the mining sites were not carried out.

Second dotcom boom real, investors say

Fear of another tech bubble as web start-ups enjoy largest investment flows for a decade