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Headwinds to thin crowded turbine sector

One in eight turbine makers not expected to survive rapid contraction in overheated wind energy industry

Liquidation specialist warns of mainland risks

Declining bankruptcy cases belie problems investors and creditors encounter when companies collapse amid absence of proper winding-up procedures

KPMG uncovers fraud in Hongwei records

Bank statements and sales tax invoices fabricated, it says

Synear’s unpalatable rude shocks

Shareholders of Synear Food got their first rude shock last Thursday when media reports surfaced in China that a batch of savoury dumpling products were found to contain staph bacteria.

Here comes the CFO, minus the experience

Preliminary findings of study show that CFOs of many listed firms here lack experience or accounting background

STX Group Units Tumble in Seoul Trading on Fundraising Concern

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- STX Pan Ocean Co., South Korea’s largest bulk-shipping line, fell by as much as the daily limit in Seoul trading and affiliates tumbled on speculation group companies may sell stock to help pay debt.

Gold miner CNMC’s Catalist listing marks comeback of ‘IPO King’

‘IPO King’ Peter Choo Chee Kong has marked his comeback with the launch of the first initial public offering (IPO) of a gold-mining company in Singapore.

Asian exchanges under pressure to lower trading fees

Bourses seen not going far enough to woo high-frequency traders

Two former Daka directors jailed as SGX effort pays off

Raymond Chow and Mah Pat Y accused of falsifying financial records

Grand Super Cycle Revisited

The most common perception about a GSC is the one the RN Elliott described during his discovery of the Wave Principle. In basic terms, he determined that the cycle began in 1776 with the founding of the 13 original american states. Then from the 1776 revolutionary war he roughly counted:
1776 – 1857 SC 1 and 2, resulting in the civil war
1857 – 1932 SC 3 and 4, resulting in a world war
1932 – xxxx SC 5

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Letting Greece go under may be lesser of two evils

Analysts are trying to determine which type of failure would cause less damage to the euro zone

Yangzijiang, open up on micro-lending

The slew of corporate failures in Wenzhou, China’s entrepreneurial hub in Zhejiang province, has sparked fears that the informal lending bubble has burst. One S-chip that has docked itself into this shadow banking sector and could potentially be pulled down by the ebbing tide is Yangzijiang Shipbuilding.

Yangzijiang allays concerns over micro-lending biz

Lending activities not affected by corporate failures in Wenzhou city, it says

S-chips battered in market turmoil

Share values take a big hit, adding to worries over euro crisis and scandals in China firms

E&Y quits as Sky China Petroleum’s auditors

Unauthorised cash transfer by SinoTech chief sets off string of resignations

System shortcomings for SGX to fix

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has spent a large amount of money upgrading its computer trading system in the past year, adding new features while enhancing trading speed.

More, however, can be done. Based on feedback from dealers and remisiers - who interact with SGX software every minute of each trading day - here are some of them.

Emerging markets face new fears of capital flight

Heavy equity and bond losses mixed with currency weakness are taking their toll on high risk assets

Will LionGold be a glittering investment?

Gold m miner LionGold Corp, with an unproven track record, continues to attract investor interest even though some broking houses are advising caution.