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Beijing Blasts Washington on Debt Crisis

All-day trading may not lift volumes much

Analysts say immediate effect may not be significant given the greater, continued drag from global uncertainties

More US Lawsuits Target Chinese Reverse Mergers

Accounting debacles at U.S.-listed Chinese companies have prompted a surge of securities fraud lawsuits, but investors might have trouble recouping their losses even if they win.

Dual listings just a passing fad

For those who care to recall, about this time last year it was all the rage for listed companies big and small to seek a dual listing, perhaps in Hong Kong or Taipei.

Demand soars for offshore renminbi in Singapore

Exponential growth follows its launch here just six months ago

More governance measures for new listings?

There are signs that the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is seeking greater assurance from new listings on their internal controls and cash management following the fresh wave of S-chips scandals this year.

Cracks appear in China's economic model

As the United States and Europe struggle with debt crises, China's economy appears in robust health, but analysts say its growth model is too dependent on investment and cannot be sustained.

SGX acts to curb manipulation

It plans to implement new computation method for equilibrium prices

Most hedge funds chalk up losses in June

Most hedge funds turned in shoddy performances last month amid poor market conditions, figures from a European financial research centre EDHEC-Risk Institute showed.

Yangzijiang shares rebound sharply as it allays jitters

It quashes talk of bond issue, says H1 profit to grow at least 30%

Soros’s Quantum Holding 75% Cash Leads Hedge Funds Cutting Risk

Keith Anderson, who runs the $25.5 billion Quantum Endowment Fund for Soros Fund Management LLC, has seen enough of choppy global markets.

Hong Kong investors steer clear of ‘listings by introduction’

Investors aren’t buying the string of companies listing in Hong Kong through a rare method involving a market debut without raising money.

China’s big banks busy hoarding cash

While investors fret about a jump in bad loans from China’s local government entities, the country’s so-called ‘Big Four’ banks are busy squirreling money away for the day when borrowers start defaulting in large numbers.

Asia Crisis Veteran Zeti Sees Region Surviving U.S., Europe Risk

Asia’s rising domestic demand and strengthened financial systems have made the region more resilient to global shocks even as slowing U.S. growth and the European debt crisis pose threats, Malaysia’s central bank Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz said.

Ratings agencies under attack amid eurozone debt crisis

Ratings agencies are again under attack, with EU leaders objecting that Standard&Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings are an “oligopoly” which issues self-fulfilling prophecies of doom, greatly aggravating the eurozone debt crisis.

Enormous value in cultivating scepticism

If there’s a single quality of which more is needed when it comes to surviving in the stock market, it’s scepticism. With greater scepticism comes the need to question, to know more and not take things at face value. It’s a valuable commodity in an age when many in the financial world are constantly devising new schemes to generate business, some of which may be rewarding to investors but many of which - as was starkly illustrated in the cases of the failed Lehman Minibonds and the troubled S-chip sector - may lead to losses later.

China welcomes more regulatory cooperation

There is a greater need to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the supervision of Chinese companies in the wake of accounting scandals in overseas Chinese listings, a senior official from China’s securities regulator said yesterday.

SGX clears up S-chip audit issue

Beijing’s move to restrict auditors for China firms causing confusion here

China Headed for Recession in 2-3 Years: Fund Manager

Regardless whether China succeeds in taming inflation, the economy is headed for a recession, says Bill Smead, Chief Investment Officer at Smead Capital Management.

‘Perfect Storm’ Coming for Global Economy in 2013: Roubini

Weakening economic conditions will come together in 2013 and create a “perfect storm” of global weakness, economist Nouriel Roubini told CNBC.

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CSRC tightens curbs on placements, rights issues

Money raised from stock market must be used only for company expansion and not for boosting capital or repaying bank loans, investment bankers say

Regulator raises bar for mainland IPOs

China’s securities regulator has tightened its approval requirements for initial public offerings by companies in some industries seen as having high risks of financial irregularities, including restaurants and chain stores, industry sources told reporters.

Call to explore all options before delisting a firm

With minority shareholders often handed the shorter end of the stick in mandatory delistings, Singapore Exchange (SGX) should give more thought and explore all possible options before taking away a firm’s status as a public listing.

Shining a light on ‘shadow’ loans

Mainland regulators step up hunt for loan quota cheats by chasing off-balance-sheet products

Beijing faces bank bailout as regional debts go bad

Ghost towns built to stimulate economy to blame for trillions of yuan in unviable loans, say analysts

SGX should solve the mystery of the missing exit offers

Minority shareholders upset that companies seem to get away without making one

Proceed with caution when investing in mainland firms

Honestly, I can’t understand all the hype about mainland private enterprises cooking the books. To me, every listed mainland private entrepreneur lies, unless proven otherwise. The difference is only in degree.