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Pan-El saga - A small problem that changed many things in Singapore

Because of Pan-El, regulation here changed, corporate governance stopped being a joke and senior people cooperated with each other.

New rules put spotlight on Jardine stocks

From September, the Straits Times Index (STI) constituents must be more actively traded to be part of the benchmark.

YuuZoo’s latest disclosure opens a Pandora’s box for SGX

Are companies allowed to post positive research reports - whether paid or independent - about themselves on the SGX website?

Should companies be allowed to post positive investment reports on themselves as official releases?

Maybe it’s only me, but I’m not entirely comfortable with YuuZoo posting a positive research report about itself on SGX, especially when it paid for the research in the first place.

Jaw-dropping share price fluctuations that cost a fortune

George is a private entrepreneur from the mainland. He has listed his business in Hong Kong. The first thing he does on listing here is not improving his business, but pushing up the price of the stock.

Calls for more oversight in Hong Kong after routs

The volatility illustrates the need for regulators to keep pace with the boom in China’s stock markets

Hangzhou shows way to China’s new economy

Hundreds of technology-linked firms have set up shop, creating a thriving services hub

Blumont considering transfer to Catalist

Singapore Exchange’s Catalist board, now populated by more than 150 companies, could get crowded as more firms seek to transfer their listing to the “junior board” to avoid the minimum trading price (MTP) rule facing mainboard companies.

‘Stealth’ crashes in penny stocks just as damaging to confidence

Nineteen months after the penny stock collapse there are disturbing signs that history is being repeated, albeit in a not-so-spectacular fashion.

Retail trading less speculative today: SGX executive

Retail participation in the Singapore market has fallen in the last 18 months, but it is also less speculative today, a senior executive at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) suggested on Friday.

SGX's minimum trading price: painful but necessary

Even though it has been more than a year since the Singapore Exchange (SGX) proposed the introduction of a minimum trading price (MTP) of S$0.20 for stocks to remain listed on the mainboard, and even after dozens of companies have already embarked on share consolidations so as to satisfy the MTP which kicks in next March, there is still opposition (see, for example, "Minimum trading price seen working against share issuers, investors", BT May 6).

Bankruptcy action: Bank costs may go up

Changes proposed for govt to step back in cases involving institutional creditors

SGX, put a stop to excessive share consolidation ratios

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) urgently needs to review its key criteria for companies to consolidate their shares.  It also needs to approve the ratios used for share consolidation and ensure no minority oppression is taking place.

Forget fundamentals when buying stocks in China, just follow the algorithm

If you are afraid, you’ve already lost. That’s George’s take away from the recent rally in Chinese stocks.

Minimum trading price seen working against share issuers, investors

Meeting the requirement may turn out to be distracting and costly for firms, and may result in odd lots for retail investors