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Penny stock crash trio still in remand

Two former executives charged over the October 2013 penny stock crash remain behind bars as they struggle to raise funds for their bail.

Trio face 365 charges over penny stock crash

The two alleged masterminds of the penny stock crash and their supposed key accomplice faced a total of 365 charges yesterday in what prosecutors call the largest market manipulation case in Singapore's history.

Masterminds of 2013's penny stock crash charged in court

The curtains rose on Singapore's biggest market-rigging scandal on Friday, as the alleged perpetrators who wiped out S$8 billion from the market in the penny stock crash of 2013 appeared before the court.

Penny stock crash alleged mastermind John Soh, 2 others face total of 365 charges

Penny stock crash "mastermind" John Soh Chee Wen and two others, on Friday (Nov 25) were slapped with a total of 365 charges for their roles in the infamous penny stock crash in October 2013 that wiped out S$8 billion from the Singapore stock market in just three days.

SGX issues query to ISR Capital, the fourth in six months

For the fourth time in six months, Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Thursday issued a trading query to mainboard-listed ISR Capital. The latest query also makes it the second query this week directed at the company.

ISR Capital plan draws fresh SGX queries

Mainboard-listed ISR Capital's plan to acquire a stake in a mining concession has drawn yet another query from the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

SGX queries ISR Capital on valuation report

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Monday queried mainboard-listed ISR Capital on its Al Maynard valuation report.

ISR Capital appoints executive chairman

Mainboard-listed ISR Capital, which intends to acquire a Madagascar rare earths mining concession valued at over US$1 billion, has appointed Chen Tong, a mining and resources sector expert, as executive chairman of its board of directors.

Trump fears fan selloff in Asian currencies, stocks as US dollar soars

The US dollar soared against high-yielding currencies and Asian emerging markets sank on Friday (Nov 11) on the prospect of higher US interest rates, with dealers betting Donald Trump's planned huge spending policies will fire inflation.

Restoring retail investor confidence is key to reviving the stock market

The poor state of the local stock market has been the subject of much discussion over the past 2-3 years. Declining liquidity, a rising tide of delistings and a dearth of large, good-quality replacements are among the problems the market faces. It is said that the absence of active daily trading married to a relatively small size means there is a very real risk that the Singapore market will fall off the radar of big international money - if it already hasn't.

High-speed traders woo more Asia recruits than 'gloomy' banks

For students like Sun Jiaxuan at the National University of Singapore, the future of finance is all about high-frequency trading firms, not the Wall Street banks that graduates once aspired to.

Dutch coffee firm Jacobs Douwe Egberts to acquire, privatise Super Group

Dutch coffee and tea firm Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is planning to acquire Super Group in a deal valuing Super at S$1.45 billion, with the aim of delisting and privatising the firm.

Imperium Crown to invest S$5m into two cineplexes in China

Property investment firm Imperium Crown is planning to invest S$5 million in two cineplexes in China, which it says will open opportunities for the group to tap into China's booming film industry.