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Talks to merge watch lists for market value, MTP and profitability

Singapore Exchange (SGX) and industry professionals have had discussions exploring the possibility of changing the listing rules such that falling below the minimum trading price (MTP) by itself will not relegate a company to a watch list, market sources told The Business Times.

SGX’s regulatory approach aims to stop crimes early

Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) role as a frontline regulator is mainly prevention and containment, and to disrupt crimes such as the creation of false markets as early as possible.

Investors take heed of the tale of two Chinas

China’s stock market cannot be taken at face value and the quadruple-whammy events of January 2016 are a case in point. The CSI 300 index ended 21 per cent down for January!

The worst is yet to come for rig-builders

The odds are stacking up against rigs finding near-term employment, which increases the exposure of Singapore-listed yards to further deferments in deliveries or cancellations of rig projects on their backlogs.

John Soh's speech at Terry Soh's wedding dinner


Singapore lawyers warn of 1998-like pain as debt defaults spread

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP, Southeast Asia’s largest law firm, reckons the region’s rising bond defaults will inflict as much pain on creditors as the financial crises of 2008 and 1998.

One smart stock-market analyst thinks this is where we’re headed… (gulp)

For mainland equity investors, ‘buy low, sell high’ has never been the name of the game

The psyche of mainland Chinese investors could be affected by fundamentals, economic policies, company performance and the introduction of new trading rules – but they are particularly alert to one thing: liquidity.

SGX’s new ‘Trade with Caution’ notices are no laughing matter

When the Singapore Exchange (SGX) started issuing its “Trade with Caution” (TWC) notices a couple of years ago, the move was greeted with derision, cynicism, and a fair bit of laughter. Comments went something along these lines: “It’s a waste of time - SGX queries the company on reasons why its shares are in play, the company says it doesn’t know why, then a TWC is issued. No big deal.”

MAS, CAD investigating Koyo International’s managing director

Catalist-listed Koyo International’s managing director Foo Chek Heng is being investigated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), the company said in a Singapore Exchange (SGX) announcement late on Wednesday night.

The John Soh saga Part 2 — Lee Yew Meng

The first director of the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) in a chapter of his book Glenn Knight: The Prosecutor in 2012, apologised to Tan Koon Swan (former MCA president 1985-86 and top corporate figure) for wrongful prosecution (stock market manipulation and abetment of criminal breach of trust) which resulted in Tan’s subsequent conviction in 1986.

Malay Mail

The John Soh saga, Part 1 — Lee Yew Meng

Last Wednesday, Datuk John Soh Chee Wen, 57, got his day in the Singapore High Court to seek the return of his Malaysian passport. He was eager to see his aged mother as well as to attend his son’s wedding.
Malay Mail

The Man Prosecutors Say Is Likely Behind Singapore's Stock Rout

John Soh Chee Wen is used to being accused of wrongful activity.