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Hu Li Yang Seminar on 12 January 2013

*The STI index is now trading in a Box, it is likely that the index will trade between 3000 to 3300.* If we hit 3000, we should BUY. For whatever reason and for whatever to happen, should the index fall to 2700, heaven is giving you money, BUY. But he feels that it is unlikely it will happen this year, so anything below 3000 is already GOD Sent. The STI Index should it break the 3300 mark, it will move up to 3600 points. He also predicts that for the whole year, there would be two buying opportunities.

*He (HLY) call this the second half of the Bull Run, you need to buy stocks that are in focus, stocks with theme. 涨时重势,跌时重值。

Meaning to say, *
- when the stocks floored, you buy stocks of higher fundamental quality,
- when stocks are Rising, look for those who are moving strongly.*

He goes on to explain how we should manage our stocks.

Rattle snake theory: People who trade the market need to cultivate a rattle snake character. Firstly, RS do not eat on a daily basis; you should not trad…