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China Is Sold on America

First, it was the Japanese. Moneymen from Tokyo blew into the United States to buy famous pieces of the American landscape, from Rockefeller Center in New York to the Pebble Beach Golf Links in California.

Buying second home no longer child’s play

Investors who do so in a relative’s name to avoid ABSD can’t hide any more

Property loan pegged to total debt profile

To promote financial prudence banks must ensure that loans stay within 60% of total debt servicing ratio

Short sharp shock

Li Keqiang has fired a shot across the bows of the mainland's financial institutions, ensuring they get the message on reining in credit expansion

Minsheng Bank tells the story of Beijing's credit worries

The funding crunch prompted by China's central bank was meant to teach a lesson to the Chinese banks that continue to embrace risky lending tactics.


Scalpel in hand, Chinese Premier Li stirs reform hopes

Investors getting stung by China's worst financial market rout in years should find solace in the fact that the government, in particular Premier Li Keqiang, is willing to play hardball to force through much-needed policy change.


Asiasons founders put in $190m, tighten control

The three primary founders of listed private equity firm Asiasons Capital have tightened their grip on the company via injection of some $190 million in additional capital.

Small and medium banks worst hit by liquidity crunch

Shares of lenders slump in Shanghai trading, reflecting panic in the market, particularly in banks with a large proportion of interbank assets

‘Black Monday’ in Shanghai as China shares plunge over cash crunch

‘Black Monday’ in Shanghai as the index registers its biggest fall in four years with investors spooked by the squeeze on the interbank market

China firms stir crisis as they push into lending

Firms borrow to lend to others at higher interest, adding to debt risks

When A nonagenarian investor speaks, investors should pay attention

Here are three stock market tips from this very senior investor, already  into his ninth decade of life.

China cash squeeze exposes risks from short-term funding

The mirror that China's central bank is holding up in front of the country's banks is providing uncomfortable viewing. Too many banks are reliant on short-term funding markets to survive, and a shake up in the sector is needed.

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China Sky faulted for rule violations in scathing report

Auditors cite failure to make mandatory disclosures or get approval for transaction

Iskandar follows the Shenzhen script

Links to Hong Kong are replicated in the Malaysian economic zone’s ties to Singapore

Dr. Boom? Roubini Sees Two Years of Stock Gains