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Special auditor hindered from completing Sino Techfibre probe

Discrepancies at Sino Techfibre remain unresolved as its special auditors have been hindered from completing the probe. Because of this, the audit committee (AC) has recommended, as a preliminary measure, that a valuer be appointed to carry out a valuation of the company’s assets and liabilities.

Risk management key to Olam’s gain

Olam International Ltd, one of the world’s top three suppliers of rice, cocoa and coffee, posted a gain in first quarter profit, while rival Noble Group Ltd had its first loss in 14 years. Risk management was a key difference.

Yanlord’s hidden treasures may lie beyond stormy sea

Recent exuberance about Yanlord Land Group Ltd following the emergence of prominent investors needs to be tempered by the possibility that the new substantial shareholders may be looking at a longer horizon than most.

Mainland money rates up as PBOC drains market

China’s money market rates rose sharply on Thursday after the People’s Bank of China conducted aggressive open market operations, setting it on course to drain money from the system this week, traders said.

China regulators may be loosening monetary strings

China’s tight-minded policy makers have taken what appear to be the first, cautious steps away toward a more relaxed monetary course.


Can Noble convince investors it is back on track?

Reports that Noble Group is talking to former Goldman Sachs Asia-Pacific co-president Yusuf Alireza to head the company, as well as a share buyback undertaken by the group on Monday, appear to have done little to lift market confidence in the company. And there are very good reasons why investors are wary, given the double whammy it delivered last week.

Smart money nibbles at Asian equities

Emerging market funds prove attractive as share prices plummet

The Baltic Dry Index: The Only Economic Indicator Worth Tracking Right Now

Forget unemployment. Inflation. Consumer confidence. Personal Incomes…
You can even ignore the ever-popular gross domestic product (GDP).

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Looking for a Noble leader

The founder of Asia’s largest commodity supplier by sales faces tough hunt for an executive skilled not only in trading, but in industrial operations

China commods gamble heightens property threat

Sitting in China's copper and steel warehouses is a hidden risk to the world's second-largest economy -- banks' indirect exposure to a property market that is showing signs of stress.


PCCW’s trust spin-off is nothing but a cash grab

With Hong Kong Telecom’s capitalisation down 85 per cent in less than a dozen years, potential investors should ponder this latest effort to squeeze the market

China’s shipbuilders need technology to keep edge

Boss at mainland’s largest company says firms must focus on innovation in fuel efficiency and build bigger vessels

Firms take on short sellers

Recent accusations against Chinese companies dented confidence, but now their shares are bouncing back and shorts have had to take losses

Straits Times Index: bullish bias above 2740


HSI: the upside prevails


Overstretched brokers to protest at longer trading hours – again

It looks like a tempest in a rice bowl, but behind the vitriolic protests by the city’s small brokers over their shortened lunch break is a bigger fight for a way of life.

Poor year for joint ventures on mainland

Overseas banks that tied up with Chinese partners in pursuit of IPO cash find the market tough due to regulations, competition and lack of local knowledge

China’s plan for 80 super tankers worries owners

Beijing’s goal to transport half its oil imports on its own ships brings huge problems for foreign fleets

MF Global Clients Fear for What They Left

About 150,000 accounts — from investors big and small — were left in limbo in the firm’s rapid demise. Regulators are in the midst of trying to transfer about a third of the accounts to other commodities brokers and securities firms. That usually takes place in a matter of days or weeks.

Whispers of secret deal in the air after Greek drama

European Financial Stability Facility’s bond issue delayed as EU leaders meet Papandreou

MF Global accounts shock leaves clients scrambling

MF Global Holdings Ltd failed to protect customer accounts by keeping them separate from its own funds, said a top U.S. exchange regulator, another shock for commodity markets scrambling to contain fallout from the brokerage's bankruptcy.


MF Global Singapore appoints KPMG as provisional liquidators

MF Global Singapore (MFGS) on Tuesday appointed provisional liquidators from KPMG to oversee the winding down of the company.