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YuuZoo targets Nigeria in tie-up with Etisalat

Yuuzoo Corporation has signed a deal with Etisalat to bring its social e-commerce model to Nigeria, said YuuZoo on Wednesday evening, shortly after requesting a trading halt.

Sino Construction morphing from building to resource player

Mainboard-listed Sino Construction announced on Friday that operations at its Mongolian mine Baruun Noyon Uul (BNU) will recommence, following what it described as the “successful completion” of its first trial batches of coal.

Banking culture breeds dishonesty

Nine China state-owned firms listed on SGX

SGX’s update comes on the heels of the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock-trading link

Pressure on coal prices unlikely to ease for now

Analysts cite continuing overcapacity; longer term demand hinges on India and China

Sino Construction turning itself into a global coal resource player

Seizing opportunities in the bear market, Singapore mainboard-listed Sino Construction has been aggressively acquiring coal assets and is now on the hunt for more.

SGX-listed SOEs from China

Shanghai stocks’ domestic agenda key to their appeal

As international investors get new access to the mainland market, its indifference to global events is partly why its equities are so attractive

Cheap Shanghai stocks in demand

Trade skewed heavily towards the northbound flow on the debut of the through train scheme as foreigners pile into railway and liquor plays

Reinvent rules for remisiers

The Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) has hit one nail on the head with its call to revamp the way that remisiers, or retail trading representatives (TRs), are paid.

Extremes of the China market

The Business Times used the Bloomberg machine to dig up companies trading at extreme financial ratios on the Shanghai Stock Exchange that investors could buy on Monday. Here is what we found.

Exploring China’s stock market

Even non-investors can glean insights from the financial statements of the A-Share “small-caps”. Time to brush up on your Chinese and separate the wheat from the chaff

Why Chinese stocks leave US investors vulnerable

SGX constantly enhancing quality of stock market here

I refer to Jimmy Ho’s letter, “It’s not a ‘quality market’ for investors” (BT, Nov 12). We appreciate Mr Ho’s feedback, but do not agree with his depiction of the Singapore stock market as suffering from a “malaise”.

Shanghai-Hong Kong link leaves a Singapore divide

Some analysts say trading tie-up will put pressure on SGX but most of them think impact may not be pronounced

LionGold bleeds S$20m in delayed Q1 results

The market was once again reminded of the shattered financials of the firms embroiled in last October’s penny stock crash with LionGold releasing its much-delayed first quarter results with an injurious outing, just one day after its counterpart Blumont reported dismal quarterly digits.

Blumont plunges into the red for Q3 in the absence of equity investment gains

Vallianz more than doubles net profit for Q3, confident of prospects

Vallianz Holdings reported on Friday that its net profit more than doubled to US$4.82 million for the third quarter ended Sept 30, 2014, compared to US$2.14 million a year ago. Earnings per share was 0.19 US cent, compared to 0.18 US cent a year ago.

Struggling LionGold gets small respite of good news

A recent scoping study on its gold mine project in Ghana-Konongo Project - owned by Australian-listed Signature Metals - has come up with some “encouraging conclusions” after discovering that the area has “reasonable prospects of economic extraction”.

SMCCA faces hurdle in membership drive

As it looks to boost membership count, association believes some firms afraid to offend SGX

Compact Metal surges on news of exercise of option

October option deal includes chairman selling some shares at eight Singapore cents apiece

SGX needs to engage brokers in bid to revive market

The SGX’s own figures tell a dismal story.

LionGold explains underestimated impairment

Delays in a fund-raising exercise - due to the surprise visit by the Commercial Affairs Department - had caused LionGold Corp to be unable to assess the impairment of the value of an asset in time.