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Remisiers scrambling to clear new exam

Many fear loss of livelihood, clients if they miss deadline

In China, off-balance-sheet lending risks lurk in the shadows

China’s banks are feeding unwanted assets into the country’s “shadow banking system” on an unprecedented scale, reinforcing suspicions that bank balance sheets reflect only a fraction of the actual credit risk lurking in the financial system.

Singapore Public Holidays 2014

George Soros tempers praise for Beijing with warning on risks

Billionaire investor George Soros, who has fallen foul of governments as far afield as Malaysia and Britain during a 60-year career, has praised China’s system of financial regulation. But he warned that Beijing faces “exceptional difficulties” in its economic transition in the near term.

Mortgage rates on the way up

Home buyers will have to stump up more of their income for loan payment

Superstitious investors jittery as bad omen actor Cheng releases movie

Bulls beware. Adam Cheng Siu-chow is coming to a cinema near you.